help with my first balenciaga

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  1. ok guys. i am new at this, but i have every designer bag you can imagine but NO balenciagas. i am from ga and there is maybe one place to buy them, which i have already called, and they have none. i have an irrational fear of buying bags off the internet because i am scared they are going to be fake so what should i do? i want a fun color that is NOT basic. also, i am 6'2" and 140 lbs and have no idea what size will work for me. it sounds like yall are the experts, so hopefully i can get some guidance. thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Welcome Kates! Go for a city, it is a medium sized bag with lots of room. There is a great sticky thread here called "Authenticate this" That is a good place to post e-bay auctions that you are interested in. I bought my 1st bag off e-bay by going there first. Don't be scared, and it's even better if the seller is a purse forum member. You will KNOW it's authentic! Good Luck!
  3. Welcome Kates...if you don't need to touch and feel , you can also buy them from almost any Barneys, Neiman Marcus or ofcourse BalNY...all you need to do is call them and ask if the have the color you want...BalNY will send photos to you of the bag..I am not sure about Barneys and NM...Barneys and NM have a good return policy...BalNY is store credit only or you can exchange the bag for another....hope this can get the numbers for all authorized bbag retailers from the ateliernaff website...I think the website is or website is a wealth of can read for days:blink: ...the other girls will correct the website name if I blew it...but from a previous thread today they know I'm on crack....just kidding ;)

    Good luck...
  4. B-bag carrying stores

    Check this thread out too for places you can go to/call that carry Bbags. It looks like the Boutique Jeffrey is in Atlanta if you've heard of them.
  5. I would say go for a city of a work bag...since your tall you could even easily pull off a weekender...Do you like hand held bags? Or on the shoulder bags? And if you want a fun color, try the Vert Grazon or the some of the fun blue colors...and good luck! Getting your first Balenciaga is sooooooo exciting.
  6. WELCOME Kates!
  7. Kates - your first bbag should be a work or a city. With your height you could pull off a work no problem! Have fun!
  8. Kates - I would recommend a work or a brief. With your height, those bags would look awesome.

    And - welcome to the forum! I'm sure your first Balenciaga won't be your last!
  9. Thanks yall!!!! I took your advice and just ordered the city in french blue from ny. I am so excited!!!! i cant wait till it gets here!!!! I am going to be a proud owner...yall are the best!
  10. YAY! I'm so happy for you! You will LOVE it, wait til you feel the leather. Make sure and take some pics so we can all drool...:drool: :yes:
  11. Just make sure you order from someplace that allows returns. Many places don't. Aloharag is a good choice. The only thing is, I don't think they send pictures of the actual bag that you will receive and they have a $50 restocking fee if you return a bag. But better that than getting stuck with a store credit somewhere.
  12. Great choice! You're going to love it.
  13. congrat!! don't forget to post your pix with yr new bag!!
  14. french blue city?? congrats :yahoo:
    although i was going to suggest u a work :p
  15. cant wait to see pics of your french blue city, its one of my fave balenciaga blues!

    and welcome the forums, im sure your city will come with crack laced leather like most of our first bbags ;)