Help with my dream Birkin...

  1. I am dreaming of a Birkin now. I want a bag that I can use any season and for everyday, very casual wear. I don't want to have to baby it at all...
    What would you suggest in terms of leather, color and size...I don't mind slouch because I really want it to come off as a casual everyday bag..

    I have been wondering also about the Jpg..

    and for reference, I am 5'2" and a size 2. i also wear alot of jeans, black, neutral colors, both silver and gold jewelery. When I wear a color, it is usually blue, teal, purples, marroon.
  2. I'd suggest a 30cm in black, Blue Jean, raisin, rouge Hermes or gold in Togo or Clemence leather.
    The JPG is cute but, imo would be way too big on you. I'm 5'3" and could never carry it. It's best on tall women and it's also very heavy. It's 42cm long, too.

  3. Greentea, thanks so much! I really value your opinion.
    I didn't realize the jpg was so huge!
  4. I would have loved a JPG too but it is way too big for me. You like bigger bags, so I think a 35 cm will be great for you. Togo is very hardy and as for colors (taking your Kelly into account) black, dark blue, or gold ( or one of each!).
  5. i think birkin 30cm would be perfect for you

  6. that is just gorgeous!! thanks for the link!

  7. Ok --I am narrowing it into a black or gold (raisin sounds tdf but since I have the ebene kelly, maybe I shouldn't go for something with brown undertones for my next one) in 30 or 35...not sure on clemence or togo. I need to find some threads on pros and cons of those two leathers!
    You are so much help. thanks!!
  8. I don't know any more than you, but I can tell you that my dream birkin is a gold togo like Star's. I will probably go with a 35 because I am 5'10".
  9. I totally agree! But, if I am not mistaken, you like bigger bags? If so, you might also consider a 35, but please note that the 35 in togo or clemence is very heavy. So if you don't mind the weight, that could be a great option as well!
  10. ^^Jag, would you say heavy like Chloe paddy satchel heavy? or even heavier? (I am fine with my satchel...)
  11. I just now tried on a black JPG birkin, and it was HUGE and heavy on me. I'm 6 ft, and it didn't work AT ALL for me.

    I also tried a 30cm regular Birkin, (in gorgeous orange ostrich) and my first thought was that it would look amazing with someone just a little shorter/tinier than me. It surprised me that a 30 cm seemed a bit bigger than I thought it would have.

    As tiny as you are, I'd vote with everyone here and say 30cm, although I know you've mentioned that you really like large-scale bags.
  12. i think a 30 cms black with gold hardware would be ideal
  13. I think a Paddy and a 35cm Birkin are about the same weight if the Paddy is stuffed and the Birkin is just filled with a few essentials.