Help with my decision!

  1. Even though I said I do not like them I purchased a coated cotton!!! I got the hertiage stripe swingpack and miniskinny in khaki/pink. I am in LOVE with it now!! So much so I decided to get the same set in green!!! Well, after scrubbing my khaki carly I am thinking a tote would be great too. What color should I get remember I am going to have a khaki/green and khaki/pink swingpack. I am thinking PINK, GRASS (GREEN), OR WHITE???

    I did purchase the some new patchwork stuff, but I think they will get dirty very easily.

  2. Hmmm... well if you already have the miniskinny in khaki/pink, i think you should go w/the khaki/pink tote... that would be super cute!
  3. I will have the green one too.
  4. I would vote for khaki/pink.
  5. Khaki/pink or the white!:tup:
    Congrats on the weight loss, great job!:yes:
  6. I like the khaki and pink one!
  7. I like the khaki with pink! It will match your mini skinney!
  8. Khaki w/ pink!
  9. Khaki/pink :tup:
  10. Actually after more research I think I am going to hold out for the tattersall tote!!!
  11. I am in the same boat. I SWORE I wouldnt want a coated canvas bag, but after seeing them in person again and again, they are so perfect for outings and stuff in the summer that I want one too! I would want a tote in brown (I'm a neutral color girl!), but then I saw the tattersall tote and it is tooo cute! But maybe a bit too "cute", kwim? So Im not sure which I will wind up with - I'm probably leaning towards the Heritage - I think its more my taste, but that Tattersall is adorable! Decisions, decisions!
  12. If you like nuetral the khaki/white is beautiful too!
  13. I would say the pink one.. if not then the white one. :tup:
  14. pink or white.