help with my christmas list


Addicted to Hermes
Sep 29, 2006
so DH has been bugging me for a list...and I have no idea what I want. :confused1:

I would really like to see some orange under the tree :graucho: but we already decided we're keeping it small this year (we're planning on buying our first house this spring)... I'm fine with one gift, as long as it's good.

So...what's something in the ~$500 or under range that wil seem "worth" the money to a hermes-loving but ignorant DH? I was hinting at a scarf that I like, but he says it's too much and I can get a scarf somewhere else for $20 :cursing: ... I don't want to ask for an angenda (even though I want a new one), since he bought one for me when I got my MA last year... I'm thinking maybe a bracelet and a cadena? I feel like he'll laugh at the cadena though. :rolleyes:

Any other ideas?


Mar 14, 2006
New England
I love all the bracelets truly, but the enamel bangles are so easy and fun to wear! Plus a cute twilly might be nice and that would run around what your dollar amount is! Look on the website for some great ideas of a store isn't nearby!


Mar 6, 2006
Enamel bracelet would be lovely. Or any bracelet or scarf actually. :yes: We're keeping it small this year too and I'm hoping for a cadena or Hapi Bracelet. :graucho: