Help With my Chanel!!!!


Apr 1, 2006
Ok so heres the thing i got a chanel handbag as a gift from a friend. Ive never used it or worn it and i dont want it. I have no clue where to sell it. I do not want to deal with selling it on ebay. Im pretty sure its authentic. I think he payed like over $300 for it. I do not have a authenticity card or anything. so how do i go about selling this bueatiful bag??? Does anyone agree with me that this bag is authentic?? or do you think its fake????

You'd have to post way more pictures for anybody to be able to determine that. I'm no expert, but other members of the forum will be able to help you, if you post detailed pictures.
After you build up enough posts, you may be able to sell the bag through the marketplace here (but only if it proves to be authentic). Hope this helps. Welcome to the forum!
Well there are no Chanel Bags that are $300 in the store. So did you ask him where he bought this? That is a good place to start. Also when did he get it. You need to take tons of pictures of the inside and outside and I am sure someone will be happy to help you!
Good point, re: the price, Selena. And good idea, to find out what store it was bought at. It's kind of odd that you don't have the authenticity card, too, if it was given to you new, as a gift. What happened to it? Does it have a hologram inside? (Both of those things can be faked, in any event, so they are not guarantees of authenticity).
i will post more pictures soon. the authenticity card was never given to me.And did not tell me what store. We are no longer friends so its hard to find that info out.. he said he bought it online. so idk about the price but he said more than $300. He bought it 3 months ago. no hologram inside. The stiching is the same color as the bag and is satin,the logo is engraved so it must be real leather because if it wasnt real leather it would be embossed on the bag
We have to have good/great photos. Yours are too small and not close up enough.
Everyone here is right, you cannot buy a bag {or a wallet for that matter} new @ Chanel for anything near $300.
i'm no expert but it looks fake to me. also, the only place that sells chanel online is bluefly and i've been checking that site almost every day since they started selling chanel and i haven't seen this bag there.
so if he bought it somewhere else, it's def. fake.
Of course! We all have varying degrees of knowledge about different bags, and so we all help each other. It absolutely is not essential to be an expert on Chanel in order to post. That's what the forum is for -- everybody is here to help.

But we can't help without big and detailed photographs. Also, you said that your friend bought this bag online. I think that you can only buy authentic Chanel online through Bluefly. Bluefly bags are still often rather pricey and they are brand new -- they come with authenticity cards. Otherwise, bags may be bought through ebay auctions --- these may be real bags or fake bags. It sounds likely that your bag was bought through ebay, and is a used bag, if the authenticity card is missing. You might be missing the hologram -- sometimes they are quite hidden.
what feature of this bag is Chanel? the majority of chanel bags will have either CC or Chanel imprinted or decorated somewhere on the bag. you should look for the internal serial number also. $300 is too low for any Chanel purse. that's the price of my Chanel keychain.
I think it sounds weird. It looks like a modern design. If its within the past 15 years (or a bit older) it should have a sticker inside with a number. My vote with the information thus far would be fake.