Help with my cat please. (TMI)

  1. Hi. I never posted in this forum, but am eagerly excited to learn about your animals. I do have a question. This is a little gross so be warned. I have a long hair cat who is about 6 yrs old. She has been going to the litter box non-stop, and when she gets out she goes straight to the corner and "acts" like she is trying to poop. She has her tail raised and everything. She will stay there for 5-10 mins. Last night I went over to check again to see what she was doing and this time I could tell she was straining and she left a little colored liquid on the floor. I cleaned it up and put her in the bathroom. What could be wrong with her? I am taking her to the vet later, but just thought I would ask here 1st.
  2. Carla, I have several cats myself, but I have no idea about what's wrong with yours. My only advice is to take your kitty to the vet asap. She shouldn't be going to the litter box non stop, it's just not normal. And the straining, she could be in pain, so yes, please take her to the vet asap.
  3. Sounds like a urinary blockage. It is most common in males but can happen to females. If she is blocked it could literally be a life or death situation. Sorry I am not trying to scare you. If a little bit of liquid came out it could just be a bad urinary tract infection. Either way she need to see the vet ASAP. Fingers crossed for an easily cured infection.
  4. ITA with Cindi. Get her to the vet asap, and get a diagnosis. If she is not pooping then it may be an intestianl blockadge instead (more serious). Your vet will sort it out - UTIs/crystals are common and normally turn out to need a special food and antibiotics (my female cat went through this).

    All the best!!
  5. This sounds like something similar that happened to my dog several years ago-he had problems peeing and it turned out to be crystals in his system..i took him directly to the ER as soon as I noticed that he kept trying to pee but nothing was coming..we were there for hours draining the crystals out..

    Good luck and let us know what happens!:heart:
  6. I am so sorry your kitty is sick, I hope she is ok soon!
  7. just found this post?? wonder what happened? could also have been its anal glands were impacted and was trying to get a little relief? my big fat cat has to go a few times ayear to the vet and get that done. its kinda like squeezing a zit. I know gross. but he's really chubbs and I guess he doesnt clean himself to well down there and it gets like a paste. yuck!! pretty painfull stuff. I use wipeson him though. has ben helping. talk about TMI!! sorry! let us know what happened!

  8. LOLOLOL Man talk about a visual!!!!!!!!!:wtf: I know what you dog had to have this done one time, and oh he hated it!!!! He cried....
  9. sorry I know pretty gross!! the vets says she gets more out of my cat than out of rottweilers yuck:sick:
  10. Ewwwww.

    I have a very overweight cat and she can't clean herself too well either any more and I am so thankful I have never had to take her in to get that done.

    I wonder what the outcome for the OP was. Hope kitty is okay.