Help with my black 07 day.

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  1. Hi..please help, i bought an 07 black day and whilst i loved it at first it now tends to annoy me. whereas i used to see it as roomy and carrying all i now see it as a big black hole. i am a teacher and i use it for my daily work needs as well as when i leave work and go shopping in the evening and at weekends. i also have a city which i love. i thought the day bag would be a way of wearing bal to work as it seemed more practical than my city but now i dont know if i should sell it and look for something else. i have a friend who has a step and a matelasse and she has said that she would do a swop with one of them for my day but will i regret it? i am 50 yrs old and wonder if the day is too young or am i being stupid. i am now driving myself mad. please help.
  2. just had a thought - would a work be better?
  3. The Day is chic and elegant, ageless and timeless. I love my Black 07 Day even though it has gone a bit green in the light. It has the softest leather of all my B.bags and I am willing to tolerate searching around in it for the sake of its beauty. (PS - I am 45.)

    I have a Violet 07 RH Step which does not get much use. It has the most spectacular leather that I have ever seen but I dislike its rigid base. The Matelasse does not attract me even slightly.

    I do like my Black 07 RH Work but it is also quite a cavernous pit of a bag.
  4. so in your opinion the black day must be worth hanging onto! any other opinions?
  5. I personally LOVE the day style and I find it by far the most functional. It hangs comfortably from the shoulder (even over a winter coat), it's roomy (but yet can be like a black hole at times) and both zip pockets are deep and very functional.

    I can understand your concerns with the day, though. For myself, my solution has been to keep things organized rather than throwing everything in the bag loose. So I have my wallet in the main compartment along with a small cosmetic case which holds my lip glosses, hand sanitizer, etc. My checkbook and eclipse gum are also in the main section along with my sunglasses in their case. So everything is pretty large and easy to grab. Keep my cell phone, iPod, keys, hair clip in one of the zip compartments for quick and easy access. It works perfectly for me. HTH!
  6. I love my day so much. I am a mum with two kids and I can carry quite a bit in there and carry it comfortably over my shoulder. I suppose I'm used to searching around in my bag. It's not that much of an inconvenience. The functionality outweighs the inconvenience I think. The thing I don't like about the step is it fits only snugly over the shoulder and probably won't fit over a coat. I don't care for the matelasse.
  7. so if i rule out the matelasse and the step, what are the pros and cons of the day versus the work? more help needed please
  8. I have both Day and Work in black 07 RH.

    The Day follows the contours of the body better and thus appears to be smaller. The rectangular shape of the Work sticks out front and back more even when broken in.

    The Work is easier to zip and unzip when carried over your arm. I find that a bit of a downer with the Day.

    The Day is much easier to carry over your shoulder. The Work is quite tight over a winter coat, even once smooshed and I am quite slim. (GH Works have longer straps but I don't own one to compare.)
  9. thankyou Jenova and Saff...maybe i will keep my day bag!
  10. Funny, I have a black Day GSH and felt the same way coming from more 'structured', clutch etc. However a friend of mine recommended something that has turned my 'Day' around.... compartmentalize!!!

    Just like sunny's suggestions above....Instead of having all of your stuff just floating about in your Day.... buy a little make up bag or some sort of smaller bag to put inside your day to hold odds and ends versus sticking it in the inside pocket which tends to add a funky slouch.

    In my Day....
    *I use a smaller bag (4x4) to hold my mints, lipgloss, tampons, powder etc.
    *I have my sunglasses in their case
    *My Money Wallet
    *Sunglass Cleaner Kit
    *Car Keys
    *iPhone in outer pocket
    *Checkbook, earphones and hair bands (very light weight stuff) in the inner pocket

    I love my Day!:nuts:

    Good Luck!!
  12. I have a black '07 Day and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The chevre is SO thick and soft and gorgeous! I am a 40 year old physician and mom and it is so easy to grab and go. It is a bit of a pit, but I keep everything in separate bags (Bal of course!) - inside is my Compagnon (LOTS of organizational room and compartments!!), a Makeup (for , you guessed it, makeup!), a Coin Purse for my iPhone and another Coin Purse for my business cards. Perfect! I also LOVE my Mid Days as they are a bit roomier and dressier and more shallow (they go with me to meetings and conferences when I may carry some extra things). The City is too small for me. The Work just never worked well for me, but I can't put my finger on why?! I think it just wasn't all that comfortable. Funny you should mention it though - I WANT a Matelasse!!
  13. The style is beautiful and ageless. On the other hand though, only you know if it's comfortable. Everyone has their own opinions, which can be very helpful when you're feeling indecisive, but you've got to think whether this bag carries all of your everyday needs comfortably and if it is practical. I was contemplating of trying out a Day myself, but I also want to choose the right color (I'm really picky when it comes to style and color, I feel that only certain colors will match a particular color). On the other hand, a Work is a big bag and yes it carries a lot, but sometimes when all you want to carry is your wallet, cell phone and a few other small things, it is just too big. The Work style is very helpful for your job, as you have a lot of paperwork to carry back and forth and you don't want to have three different bags and feel like a bag lady. I personally love the City style the best (and I noticed that you didn't express much enthusiasm to use it as an everyday bag) and I use it for everything.