Help with Mulberry Bayswater

  1. What do you think about those Bayswater in eBay?
    Help me: Are they authentic? :confused1:
  2. 1st one FAKE just going to check the 2nd..... not enough pics on the 2nd to tell (request more of the inside etc)
  3. Many, many thanks :heart:
  4. The second seller doesn't take paypal, so if it is fake then you would only have eBay's buyer protection scheme to fall back on. I am inclined to think the second one is fake as something just doesn't seem right. It might be worth contacting the seller to ask what the serial number is on the back of the tag and at the very least a photo of the inside.
  5. Yesterday I asked for more info and more photos...but I am still waiting. And I agree with you about the problem of not being PayPal.;)
    I have another question, and I think I am going to bore you:
    It seems to be genuine for me.
    Help me again, please.
    :confused1: I am confused. I like all of Mulberry bags, I can not choose only one of them. I need help in order to make up my mind: ¿Bayswater or Emmy?
  6. This Emmy is authentic :tup: I love both my Bayswaters and Emmy it depends on what you are using the handbag for ? (work etc)
  7. Actually, I do not work. So I am using bags for leisure, going shopping (supermarket...).
    I had a Bayswater but i sold it in eBay and now I miss her...:crybaby:
    Which of them is heaviest? Bayswater or Emmy?
    I would like to be in UK. There, you have Mulberry stores and Mulberry factories...In spain is imposible to find them.:crybaby: