Help with Mother in Law everyday usage Chanel bag?

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which do you think is best as an everyday bag?

  1. 226 reissue black with goldhardware

  2. Vintage black large CC lambskin like nicole richie?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I sure would appreciate your thoughts on which of these bags you think would be best for my mother in law.
    Its her birthday and she went on and on and on about wanting a Chanel reissue with gold hardware.
    I finally find one at BG and now she thinks a vintage lambskin large CC (Nicole Ritchie bag) would be a better everyday bag:confused1:
    I recommended a caviar jumbo to her, but I think becuase I have one she does want that one.:Push:.

    which would you pick and think would be best as an everyday bag?
  2. I personally think any caviar bag takes the best wear for everyday (though I still baby mine and prefer to use the non-classics for everyday such as the luxe ligne flap or PITC).
    I don't think she will go wrong with the caviar flap or the vintage lambskin. I am going to vote NO on the reissue with GHW for an everyday bag.
  3. ^^thank you for your thoughts :smile:
  4. I actually see my reissue with gold as an everyday bag plus mine is patent LOL

    depends on her personal preferences but if I use my mom as a guide, she prefers the lambskin jumbo or caviar
  5. I agree with SympathyDuet on saying no to the reissue with gold HW as an everyday bag but since this is a gift, you have to get her what she truly wants. You can offer suggestions but I would ask her again and go with whatever she wants.
  6. I appreciate your feedback.
    What she tells me today is - no to caviar jumbo becuase I have one.

    And she likes the reissue and vintage lamb almost the same.
    Which one do you think would hold up best as an everyday bag?

    she doesn't change bags often like I do, so the bag would be used alot
  7. That's a tough question because they are both a bit on the delicate side (as opposed to caviar). Maybe a vintage might have a slight advantage because some of the older bags seem to be made better than some of the newer ones. I don't own a reissue though so maybe someone who does can be more helpful.
  8. ^^Thank you Vhdos :smile:
    I don't own a reissue either.

    maybe someone with some first hand experience with that can give me there thoughts...
  9. Does it have to be a flap? How about the Medallion Tote or GST in caviar so it'll be different from yours. How about a navy flap instead?
  10. I think the reissue should be more durable than lambskin since it's calfskin. I'd get her that in the matte leather so she won't have to worry about the metallic layer peeling off. It sounds like it's what she's been wanting for a while.

    If she said no to caviar jumbo because you have 1, then the vintage lambskin jumbo is also similiar, isn't it? I'd go with the matte black reissue with gold hw.
  11. Thank you for your great suggestion.
    I was really tried to steer her towards the ones you mentioned or caviar, but she won't even consider thoses.

    To quote her "Only the reissue and the large cc vintage" is her style :O
  12. ^^Ah I see. In that case, go for the reissue which I am voting for. It's still classic in it's own way and, best of all, it's what she wants. I say go for the reissue since it'll make her happy for sure. Good luck w/ your decision.
  13. i think the reissue/ its edgier...
  14. Well, let us know what you get and how well it goes over OK?
  15. Vintage lambskin. I think it will hold up better for everyday.