Help with monogram wallets! I'm SOOO confused!!

  1. Ok. So I'm trying to find a new monogram wallet. I hate eluxury because they show no detail on the inside of wallets!

    Can someone tell me the difference between the LV "wallet organizer" and the "Monogram Wallet with Zip Pocket"?

    I did a search, but got confused only more.

    Some threads say there are 4 cc slots, some say 6 for the Wallet with Zip pocket. Then some threads say these two wallets are the same thing.

    Please someone clarify for me. Pics would also be most appreciated!!

    Oh, and are these different from the Porte Monnaie? HELP!!
  2. organizer with id, its the same regardless of being Monogram, damier or epi


  3. monogram wallet with zipper


  4. thank you!
  5. Porte Monnaie

    this has 4 c/c slot inside like the mono wallet above,


  6. these photos are from the elux site
  7. That is EXTREMELY helpful Bag Fetish!! Thank you!
  8. anytime