Help With Monogram Mini!

  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers regarding cleaning of Monogram Mini pieces. Is it safe to DRY CLEAN them? Has anyone tried to take it to the dry cleaners? Do dry cleaners have a problem cleaning purses?
    If dry cleaning is not a good idea, then how else could this line be cleaned?

    Thanks a million!!:flowers:
  2. I would call VUITTON and ask for cleaning tips. I'd help you out but have nothing in mono mini.
  3. I know there is a special dry cleaning company that specializes in cleaning high end bags...I forgot the name and website of the company, but if you try doing a search on this forum you may find it...I think it's based in southern cali...I'll try to find it for you =)
  4. I've always cleaned mine with a little woolite and warm water on a damp cloth, I would NOT dry clean it, drycleaning requires the item to be submerged in a liquid chemical which will surely damage the leather....
  5. Thanks so much everyone!! Ajamesgrly-I appreciate you finding that link, it's really helpful!

    Thanks a million!!