Help with Molly strap please

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  1. Got my gorgeous Fuschia Molly today. There is a card inside the bag explaining how to turn the long strap into a shoulder strap but I just can't figure it out!!

    Has anyone been able to do it?

  2. I have the Fuchsia CB Molly and I can't see how you could practically make use of doubling the strap. It's just not that long of a strap to begin with, so I haven't bothered. It's a great option for the duffles that have longer shoulder straps, but not for the Molly IMO.
  3. I did just attempt to do it and this is what it looks like on the loosest setting doubling the strap. Not practical in my opinion and looks bad...

  4. This is what it looks like on Rory when I double it, but obviously the bag and strap are both bigger. It looks just a bit too short to work on Molly though...
  5. yep just makes it more snug under your arm, more katarina like

  6. I grab the small handles on Rory and pull them out to the side, kind of forcing a slouch when I pick her up. It's hard to explain, but it makes it lay right. Let me know if you need a picture.