help with modeling la rosee GM cashmere or mousseline

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  1. hi all.

    i have been lurking for awhile now. i am new to hermes and had posted so far only to seek help with authentication of a GM cashmere shawl.

    i realized that shawls are a bit tricky to pick, as they can look really lovely spread out, but once wrapped around oneself, can be absolutely disastrous.

    i have missed out on the la rosee, but still would like to ponder about whether this pattern feels better in cashmere or mousseline.

    wearing a triangularly folded shawls draped is not quite my style. more often than not, i wear them all scrunched up before wrapping them around my neck.

    i am wondering if i can ask those who might own the la rosee in mousseline or cashmere GM to show me how they look like wrapped around the neck?

    i am not sure if this is the right place to post. thanks beforehand for your help!
  2. I am not sure, but maybe also post this in SOTD and ode to GM. Good luck. BTW, I saw la rosee recently in a boutique. it might still be available. You can ask your SA to do a search.
  3. hi 880, what's SOTD sorry...? and which boutique is this? thanks!
    i actually have a funny feeling that the cashmere la rosee might be ill fitted on me for some reason... you see roses and somehow you want them on some light breezy thing you know..?
  4. scarf of the day :smile: I'm thinking I saw a red mousseline la rosee in Wall St?

    I don;t know your style - but your description, scrunched up on your neck made me think of LV sprouse roses too.
  5. ah. i am not in NY. not even in the US :P
  6. Maybe check/inquire with resellers I;ve had good experiences with

    Asia - ysaito54, akiko1120; greenjade927

    Europe - luxury-scarves
  7. thanks 880. i will check with them.

    otherwise, do you know where to get the la rosee in GM mousseline at this point....?