Help with miu miu woven leather, pretty please!! :)

Oct 29, 2006
No not the one with the fringes, but this one :smile:

I know it's not BV but I love it for it's slouchy feel. I had a look at it at a local boutique carrying miu mius and I am totally sold on the idea of this.

This is my deal: I am a professional (aka I have to meet clients and all) and I rotate my bags to work. I have some structured bags (eg. I have got the requisite Prada bowlers, the Tod's Charlotte, various structured LV bags) to tide me through formal meetings but I have this thing for slouchy stuff (like my Chloe paddy, my Miu miu nappa spring satchel ( etc) because these bags tide me through the weekdays and the weekends. I can go to work because they look good next to my suits and dresses and they also make me look good over weekend tea with the girlfriends. I was contemplating getting a Bal but SO thinks that it is too informal for work (it screams casual) and he didn't like the leather (Bal fans, please don't take offence!! :sweatdrop:).

I know the woven leather isn't actually BV woven leather but I don't recall BV offering such casual woven leather (and even if they do, I prefer the bigger BVs (ie. non-hobos) and these cost an arm and a leg, and I only have 2 arms and 2 legs - not much to go around there!!)

My issue is this: How does everyone feel about this bag? Does it scream BV RIP-OFF the moment you see the bag? Or do you think it is a lovely bag which will be a great return on investment?

Personally I don't think it scream rip-off because it has the classic Miu miu rings, the sublime nappa leather feel and it feels rock solid (aka heavy - although not paddy heavy. It just makes you feel you are getting your money's worth teehee). I know I have never regretted the prada bowlers and the miu miu spring satchel amongst others, because the look is so timeless (although of course not as timeless as the 2.55. But I digress ;)) I know at the end of it, the person wears the bag (and not the other way) but well, I don't wanna be carrying something with pple whispering "rip-off" behind my back :P

What are your views (especially if you had, like me, seen it and felt it in the store?)


Jan 16, 2008
Yes, I've seen this bag... it's beautiful and soooo soft! If it helps any, it didn't remind me of BV when I saw it. Maybe it's the different way Miu Miu did the weave or the different leather feel, i don't know, but not until you mentioned it in your post, did I consider the similarities between Miu Miu's and BV's woven leather bags. Now if you had said BV and cole haan... i would immediately say *ahem* RIP OFF.

I think if you like this purse and it seems that you do, you should get it - Never mind what others think. But if you're really curious as to what

As for investment, I think that Miu Mius are reasonably priced, especially when compared to the other 'designer' brands. If you feel you'll get a lot of use out of this bag, then your $ will be put to good use.

I think you should get it... take it home and see how you still feel when you have it among your other purses.

Good luck! I think it's a beautiful purse - great choice! :smile:


Jan 10, 2008
This bag is gorgeous! I've picked it up a couple times in Selfridges and tried on both the small and the bigger one (which is absolutely massive!) I really like the weave pattern. It didn't occur to me that it was like a BV bag. I vaguely remember the bigger one had an extra strap, so you could wear it across the body, but not so sure about the smaller one. There was a lighter colour, but that brown is much nicer in my opinion.

Let us know if you're gonna get it!


Jan 10, 2007
I have the one with the fringes.... in that taupey color and I love it. It goes with everything and it is very durable.