Help with mini pochette!

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  1. Hi ladies and gents!
    So im pretty new to LV. I only recently bought the mm agenda in monogram and my newest purchase was a mini pochette in the monogram.
    I noticed a couple things which im concerned about.
    Firstly, the canvas is wrinkled. I stuffed it for 3 days and it still hasnt come out. The SA says its cuz of the way they store them and eventually they will come out. Is that true?
    Also, i noticed the gold zipped pull is a bit indented...kinda like it has a texture but it is consistant. However, the little chain "D link" it comes with it very shiny and smooth.
    Im not sure if this is normal and maybe someone can provide pics/insight?
    I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Any pics?
  3. Show us better advice
  4. I just got a mono mini too, the soft ripple on the bottom left in the pic... Is that what you mean?

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