Help with Mike & Chris leather jackets

  1. I am thinking of getting one for winter.

    What do you guys think of the "Hugh" jacket? Does anyone have this one? and more pics here

    I know Mike & Chris fits small in general, but what about this particular jacket, does anyone have it? Do the arms run kind of long? The arms look long in most of the pics I've seen.

    Or do you like the "Edward" jacket better?
    and more pics here
  2. What is your winter like? I am guessing just chilly??

    I would get the edward only bc it seems a little longer. However Revolve Clothing is doing a 30% off coupon right now.. they are coupon matching with shopepic I believe. The one from the RC link is nice too. I like the elastic on the bottom.

    I don't own any of these styles, I have the dylan one though. It is a littel different though.

    The Hugh style doesn't seem to be too long, and the elastic ends keep it from falling down.