Help with Mika!

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  1. I am this close to buying the Taupe Mika. My mbmj store has the white and the taupe in store. I need enabling!! What are my chances for this to go on sale? My sa said he was not sure, maybe around June. Does anyone have experience with boutique exclusive bags going on sale? I would love to save, I have bought WAY too many bags this year... but am in love with Mika since I saw tadpole's pics.
    Any help would be appreciated :smile:
  2. I think Kim would know the best here..
  3. well, i asked my sa about whether or not bags would be part any sales this year and she said probably not. there was a boutique sale on bags in december, but it was applicable to very few select styles. the ostrich bags and some of the stones bags were marked down 50%. i know i wanted the stones clutch, but, unfortunately, that was not included. it's still full price on too. :yucky:

    my suggestion is if you can wait until june, then you'll know for sure. that way, it'll also give you time to save for it. i doubt the mika will sell out. however, if you're like me and lack the discipline to wait because you need it NOW, then you know what to do. ;)
  4. Thanks for the reply! I have little discipline too. It's actually calling out to me now :lol: I'm planning on waiting for the cecilia when saks does f&f....maybe, or if one pops up on ebay. But I tried the Mika on and the leather is tdf!!! The sheen was just amazing, I know it was hard for you to make the decision between the two.
    So, I will probably go for it! Might wait a couple of days. Will definately post pics if I do.
  5. have you thought about the evening pouchette if the sticker shock of the mika is too much? there's a salmon one available at for 30%. it originally retails for $895 and comes in all the same colors as the mika. it's a great alternative if you don't care about the size.


    here's toefl525's picture of her white evening pouchette.

  6. That is really cute. But i love the Mika, and I'm willing to pay for it if i have to. I thought it might go on sale at one point! I was even considering the Isaac, but like the Mika better. Thanks again, I really appreciate your input!
  7. :heart::heart:
  8. the isaac is the only colorblock bag i have not seen in person. i'd love to see how big it is. i agree. i absolutely love the mika. it was the only spring 08 bag that i felt i needed to have. so when do you think you're gonna get it? are you definitely set on the taupe? someone needs to get it! i really liked that color, but preferred the white a bit more. litlstrawberry has the apricot, which is also another stunning color combo.
  9. it's the taupe all the way! i've debated with the other colors, but just love the taupe color combo the most. i did not find the contrasting colors to stand out too much. i would love to see the isaac, my sa said he would have it sent in, but i smell trouble there!
  10. oooh so exciting! please post pics when you cave in ;)
  11. noooo! have him send it over! ignore your rational side! can he take pics and send them to you? i've only seen the isaac online and in magazine spreads.
  12. will not....will not!!! verrrry bad idea!
  13. but, on the other hand maybe i should ask! he knows how i am, i'll probably buy the isaac! i think other pf'ers like this too!
  14. ^ see? i like that answer. go with that one. jackie aka tuffcookie likes the isaac in taupe, but we didn't see at the boutique. i wonder why it's not out on display.
  15. I finally decided to go with the Isaac and called my sa, he called me back to tell me they could not get it :crybaby: He said they did not produce that sad. I guess that is why we can't find pics of it anywhere? After all that agonizing over which one! Well at least that saves me some money, right? Which is a good thing because there are so many fall bags that I love, love, love! :heart:
    I'll be picking it up tomorrow and he has two to choose from. I'm sooooo excited! I will post pics if anyone would like to see them!?!