Help with MC PT wallet

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  1. Hey ladies.. So this MC wallet makes me wonder.. Do you think it's authentic?




    The colors look right.. the hardware cornors look right.. what makes me wonder is this last pic, where it has that leather thing right above the credit card slots.. I don't know what to think of this..
    What do you guys think?? Educate me!! :P
  2. It's a fake!!! But a very good one!
    Here is a pic of the real one:
    And here is the one you've posted:
    See how the pattern is not even on the sides.
  3. Ooooh!! Thanks so much LV_addict, you rock!! :biggrin:

    A pretty damn good fake, almost had me fooled :suspiciou
  4. Also on the fake, the flowers, LVs, and stars look too "thick".
  5. ^^^ Yes, good point!!!
  6. Go LV_Addict ! ;)

    Oh guess who's going to Yorkdale's LV counter today.. I think I may have to pick up something JUST because of the price increase.. grr !
  7. ^^^ You go, GIRL!!! What are you getting?
  8. I'm not sure.. I'm just going to check the prices, and see. My friend's also going to France in 2 weeks, so part of me is just telling me to stuff him full of Euros and send him off to the LV store in Paris !
  9. Oooh Ayla, let us know what you get :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Jane, you're absolutely right, good point!
  10. wow I would have said it was authentic an dthat piece of leather above the CC slot is for a pen :smile:
  11. wow when you compare it then you really see the diff!!!!
  12. Yeah, I almost thought it was too! Oh, I didn't mean the slot for the pen, I meant the horisontal leather piece sown across right above the CC slots. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to look like that, but I compared to the LV auction LV_addict posted and it should :amuse:

    The fakes are too friggin good these days!! :mad: