Help with Marron Fonce HAC

  1. I was just offered a marron fonce HAC (32) in Fjord. My first choice was a chocolat Birkin in 30 or 35. The bags are close but different and I would love opinions. This bag will be strictly casual, not for evening. I hear Fjord is a great leather (I haven't seen it in a while) but my only concern is that it is stiff and won't slouch at all. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. Get it! I think marron fonce in fjord leather is more rich looking than chocolate unless you are talking about chocolate in box calfskin. This leather combination looks wonderful in a HAC or plume. I think the 32cm HAC looks more stunning than birkin because it is taller and has a slimming effect on the wearer. I also like the shorter handles.
  3. Marron Fonce is Fjord is beautiful and I would get it in a heart beat.
    Fjord is a great leather, not too stiff and not too slouchy!! Perfect!!!
  4. I used to have this bag and sold it. I will tell you..I really regret and wish I could find this color again in my other time and opportunity!

    MF is such a great color and works with all season. I am familiar with Fjord (I black 32 HAC and love mine).

    Like Jaegerhomme said, I think this a perfect combo for Hac!

    What hardware come with the bag?
  5. As I posted in your last thread . . . This is #1 on my list of bags. I call my store constantly looking for a HAC in Maroon Fonce. I think that it is BEAUTIFUL. As for stiffness, Fjord is a pretty stiff leather. If you are looking for floppy, you might consider clemence . . . and leave the MF fjord HAC for me:graucho::roflmfao:
  6. marron fonce is kind of hard to find, very gorgeous! you do have what a week to exchange it if it turns into a frog when you bring it through your front door....though i doubt somehow that would happen with MF.
  7. Usually I'd say that Fjord is thicker and stiffer, but my 30cm MF Fjord Birkin has a slouch to it-there's a pic in the brown color family ref thread- and is not stiff at all. Fjord is not really a formal leather and I think the 32 HAC will fit your need for a casual bag.
  8. I recently posted a pic in the brown color family thread that compares my marron fonce fjord bolide with chocolate togo. The MF is a much more interesting color, IMO.
  9. I absolutely love mine!! Just carried it with me the whole day. It is just a gorgeous leather. Even my PHH mentioned that he loved this bag!
  10. I have exactly the same bag and really love the color - it is versatile and very rich in the fjord leather. The texture of the leather picks up the color so well. I also love the HAC 32. I have a regular Birkin in the 35 and 30 sizes, but the HAC 32 is very practical for both day and night.

    There is nothing not to love about this bag!!! :tup::tup:
  11. Thank you, all. The bag has palladium hardware. I will check it out! And thank you, twice, Fleur DeLis, for your replies. I posted this thread because the other posting was tacked onto the end of another old thread.
  12. Thanks, all, for your help. The color was gorgeous, but, for my taste, the particular piece of Fjord used had very heavy veining. I know some people love the extra veining; I happen to like the grain a bit smaller. So--for all of you who said this bag was on your wish list, write to me and I will give you the particulars, if you want to snag it.
  13. PM'd you BP
  14. ^^ go get it Fleur!!!