Help with Marni Bag

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Iwas wondering if anyone recognised the description of this Marni Bag ... I'd post a photo but I dont know how if anyone can help!! :shame:

    It is suede and made of diamond shaped suede patches in muted peach, rust, blue and gold with a blue tassle on the zip, it was a present but Ive never seen it on ebay or anywhere.... does Marni have a site with a back catalogue?

    Thank you everyone in advance.... sorry for being a bit thick with computers!!:smile:
  2. right click on the photo you want to post and save it to your computer. Come back here and use the 'Manage Attachments' feature and browse for it on your PC, it's SO easy!
  3. Thank you!... Im going to give it a go now....:flowers:
    ebay 052.jpg
  4. ... it was easy!... thanks