help with Marilyn MC

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  1. Is Marilyn MC too small as a day bag, do you like black or white? Thanks!:yes:
  2. white
  3. Any more thoughts please? :flowers: Anyone planning to get the Marilyn with gold leather trim?? Just wondering whether that will be too much of an wvening bag and won't get a lot of use...:rolleyes:
  4. If you do not carry too much stuff it can be worn durning the day. I personally carry too much stuff.

    I prefer the White
  5. White, and I see quite a few girls carrying it at the mall, it'd be cute, it just depends on what are essentials that you need to carry with you to see if the size works !
  6. i think it's a day bag when you are just out for lunch or's not really an every day bag like for work stuff tho....i like the white also :smile:
  7. yup I agree. I prefer the white too.
  8. Yes I like the white too:love: Anyone planning to get the one (white or black) with gold leather trim?? Do you think it'll be too dressy then for day use?
  9. too small for everyday bag but I love it!
    I'm waiting for white with gold trim marilyn in Apr!
  10. Anyone else is getting the gold trim Marilyn??:flowers:
  11. ^^^^
    Did you get it ??
  12. Me me me me me :yahoo:

    I know it is not practical. But it IS my first MC cuz I just cant pass it up .....

    I mainly carry it to dinners and so on tho just to make my jealous sister in law more jealous ;)