Help with Manolo / Choo sizing? And which shoes to get?

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    First foray into designer shoes, and I am a little confused with the sizing.

    I am typically a size 6.5, but have a wide foot. Usually, when ordering shoes in euro sizing, I go for 37. Sometimes this works perfectly, sometimes the shoe is a bit large, but I am more of a boot addict than anything. Boots don't require PERFECT sizing.

    I was looking at these for my wedding, but I don't really know what size to order! Obviously, with this style, the fit has to be perfect or they'll just fall right off...


    What size should I get?

    While I'm at it, these Choos are also in the running... How's the sizing on these? They are a bit more secure with the strap, so perhaps these are a little less risky to order online.


    Which shoes would go best with my dress? (Not me in the pics)

  2. that's a tricky question as the European sizes are all different, I can wear anything from a 39 all the way to a 40 I am a true US 9 but usually wear a 9,9.5 or even a 10 depending on the shoe, since these are for a wedding I would suggest you go into a store and try some on if you have a store near you that either sells the type you want or try some else you like, you will want your shoe's to fit perfectly and if you are going to order them make sure you give yourself plenty of time in case you have to send them back for a different size
  3. I guess I could try on random other shoes by these 2 designers, but I don't have access to these exact shoes locally.
  4. Do you have access to the designer? if you can try a shoe by him probably they will all fit the same, I usually ask when I go for a new designer how they size and what the comfort is going to be before making my mind to buy.
  5. They both run TTS. I like the jimmies for you dress, congrats! :biggrin:
  6. Altho those MBs are REALLY beautiful, I'd have to agree choos better with the dress.
  7. I'm currently looking for sizing advice on Choo's as well. I'm a US 8 and usually take a 39 in CLs but I heard you only need to go half a size up on JC's. As far as which shoes go better with the dress, I'd go with the silver JCs without a doubt! Congrats!
  8. I find both Choos & MBs run TTS. Love the Choos for your dress!
  9. I like the Jimmy's too... however, I would recommend getting the Jimmy's half a size larger, since you'll be walking and dancing as they front tends to dig into the sides of feet and it hurts :smile:

    Good luck!
  10. I love the dress! I think the Jimmy Choos would complement the dress beautifully!
  11. Such a gorgeous wedding dress!!!may I know what is the brand ?
  12. I am EU 37/US 7 but had to go up at least half a size up in both brands for evening shoes (and for a similar JC shoe I was surprised I had to go a full size up). My foot is fairly average (not wide) and I'm surprised so many others find both brands TTS. Another MB shoe to consider in white would be the Carolyne (it has his logo in blue so you know they were meant to be bridal!) and the "hangisi" (also known as the "something blue" shoe Carrie Bradshaw wore in SATC). Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Beautiful dress!
  13. I wore the slingback version of those Jimmy Choos for my wedding and they were TTS. I love Manolos but for your wedding day and since you have a wider foot I think the Choos would be more comfortable. I also think that ankle strap would be easier to keep on-slingback sandals never stay on my feet.