help with maintenance?

  1. so i've recently ordered some lighter colored tokis and decided that i want to scotchguard them when they arrive. i know what you're thinking, not another scotchguard thread - but i couldn't find the answers to all of my questions.

    1. i couldn't find scotchguard, so while i was at work my mom bought me this a weather guard made by another brand. i've read in other threads that you should cover the straps/leather when you scotchguard, but this stuff says it's safe for use on fabric, suede, and leather. even so i was wondering what effects scotch guard had on leather and/or the straps, just as a precaution. how would it even be possible to avoid spraying the leather/straps on a bag such as a zucca?

    2. i have tried using magic eraser on one of my bags, and it worked for the most part but there are some parts where the dirt seemed to stick (the lines/squares in the fabric pattern). i'm not sure if i can get them any cleaner... in fact, it seems that in one spot the magic eraser actually removed part of the print! O_O

    3. in relation to my second concern, i don't want to try tide pen or anything because of the one thread where there was a reaction between tide pen & scotchguard. are there any known reactions with the magic eraser?

    4. i've read the stories about scotchguard causing the lining of tutti to bleed through the white print. do you think this would happen, or has it happened with other light prints such as adios star, OP, etc?

    sorry, i know i pretty much wrote a novel but i'm such a scaredy-cat! i'd hate to ruin one of my bags because i definitely make minimum wage so replacing them isn't an option and i'm not really a fan or using damaged purses.

    thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  2. I've never scotch guarded any of my bags and they have stayed clean. I use the tide pen and magic eraser and it works well.

    I guess it depends how you are with your bags. I'm very *protective* of my bags and will NOT put them anywhere. I will carry them all day on my shoulder if i have too, even if I'm having dinner at a restaurant.
  3. I had the same thing happen. I scotchguarded some Caramellas I got recently. I just started using them in my normal/work purses. Well anyway... they got scuffed up by my wallet pretty quickly. The scotchguard didn't seem to help that. I tried shout-wipes, tide pen and magic eraser... and I swear as I was using the magic eraser, the color seemed to start fading. Maybe magic eraser is only good for white stuff. IDK, I'd like to know the answer too.

  4. I scotchguarded one of my zuccas without really stressing too much about the leather, i just sprayed light coats and avoided spraying the leather and just wiped off any that got on the leather right away. I've scotchguarded 6 of my bags this way and my leather is fine on all of them.

    As far as the magic eraser goes, I'm not too sure how it reacts with the scothcguard but i did have a lamore bella that i scotchguarded but still got a little dirty and there was no bad reaction when i used the tide pen...the tide pen has been pretty good about getting out that dirtiness in the lines for me actually.

    Hope that helps a little
  5. I haven't Scotchguarded because I'm kind of scared to--Maya had a horror story where her Tutti got black smudges on it from the straps that bled. She got them off w/ Mr Clean, but :amazed:

    I just use Tide Pen and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I've found that rubbing with a paper towel or tissue after using either helps remove the dirt. Sometimes I feel like with both I'm just spreading the dirt around, but with the paper towel the dirt clears right up.