help with mahala

  1. Hello i just bought the black Mahala bag online through the Bergdorf Goodman store. The bottom zipper and back zipper doesn't have Jimmy Choo tags, is this normal? I called Neiman Marcus they said that the 06 only had a tag or pull i should say on the top zipper and the bottom and back were just the gold plate. Did anyone else notice this?
    Please help.
  2. They are correct. If you go to the thread that shows tpf members choos, I have a cruise silver mahala with all leather pull tabs and an 06 black Mahala just like yours. Don't worry yours is legit. Congratulations and enjoy!
  3. Thats exactly how I received my Radiant w/o tags
  4. thank you not sure if i care for it will out the tags. does it bother you not having it, it almost looks like it fell off by not having anything there.