Help with Mackage down coat sizing

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  1. Hi all - There's no mackage near me so I'll have to get it online. I don't have any down coats, so this will be my first! I'm looking for something that will keep me warm (v v important, as I get cold very easily) and will look ok at the same time.

    I'm looking at either the Kayla F5 Long or Trish F5 Long but I'm worried that it won't fit right, especially if I intend to layer (I really am quite intolerant of the cold)

    I wear a UK size 8 in Burberry trench but the most I can fit in it is one extra jacket layer over a thin t-shirt (so two layers beneath the trench).

    Can anyone help?? Should I be getting an S or an M for Mackage? TIA!
  2. I don't own any trench but a few leather jackets. They fit snugged. If you go true to size, you can fit thin layer but not bulky sweater.
  3. Thank you. It's TTS following US sizing? I'm not sure if I should get an M or an S...
  4. I have the trish, and was at the same size as you when I bought the jacket a few months ago. Definitely get a M. despite similar size, body shapes differ, and the mackage coat, especially trish and kayla fit very snug, but that's also why it looks so nice despite the warmth. THIS JACKET IS WARM! super warm. I love it. you may find it very snug fitting and may think about upsizing to a large but I tell you, I tried on large and it just doesn't look right at all. i'd suggest you try Medium. you won't need much layer. with the Medium I was able to wear a thin/cable knit medium weight sweater. again regardless of what thin/thick shirt, the arm area (at least for me back then before loosing a bit of weight recently) fit snug around the arm hole. the body fits perfectly fine.

    good luck, it's a beautiful and absolutely warm jacket. we were at -20F and I only wore a shirt/blouse underneath. after I zipped up and walk out, every part that's covered by the jacket feels fine and warm it's good with wind resistance too. only thing with warm jacket (and unavoidable mostly), is that if you go indoor, like walk into a mall during winter, it's a bit bulkier to carry around. not a jacket that you likely want to keep on while driving (may get really hot while inside car even during winter driving).

    hope this helps.

  5. Yes, I wear XXS (which is maybe a US 00 or 0, I think that's a UK 4). I'm 100 lbs, 5'2 and the XXS fits me a bit snugged but nicely. I do have one jacket in XS and it still fits fine but def more room to fit a med - thick sweater under.

    I think you can both fit an S and M, just depends how you want the fit, whether for the jacket to hug your body or to have a little room. I would lean towards M too to be on the safe side.

    Or if you're buying from somewhere that offers free return, order both sizes!

    Good luck!
  6. Thank you, that's really helpful. You're a star!!!!! :flower: I think you're right - I should try to order both to try. Thanks!!
  7. Just got my Akiva coat from Farfetch and a medium fits nicely around my body but too long on the arms. Will be getting the sleeves shortened by a tailor but other than that, I feel like going up a size was a great idea. I'm almost always a size Small but with Mackage, I definitely had to go a size up.
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