help with LV wallet design to choose

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  1. i decided to get LV wallet in vernis amarante. can't decide though which to get, international or sarah? is it easy to get bills from international? need anyone's expertise.
  2. How about the zippy?
  3. would go with sarah...I have zippy in suhali..I think its similar to sarah, I don't have any problems getting bills in and out of it. Good luck :smile:
  4. Sarah
  5. I like the Zippy ;)
  6. Sarah
  7. French Purse
  8. Sarah! I have 2 Sarah wallets, one in Mini Lin ebene and another in Vernis Pomme. I love the design it holds the bills and credit cards.
  9. i vote for the zippy!
  10. Another vote for the sarah:smile:
  11. Zippy.
  12. Sarah is gorgeous and practical!
  13. sarah
  14. Sarah! its the best wallet ever..i have it in mono and its the BEST!!
  15. sarah. i really dislike the pti...