Help With Lv Sprouse Scarves

  1. hi, does anyone know what size and colors the stephen sprouse LV scarves come in? i saw a very large cotton pareo syle scarf in red and acqua leopard print. is this from spring/summer 07? does it come in any other color combination? it looks like the same type of design as the fall winter very popular silk/cashmere version. thanks, any help would be grealty appreciated.:heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. huh? do you have pix? I dunno... I just know that in FW06, there were the red and gray cashmere shawls, red and gray 65X65cm silk scarves, mono leopard 65X65cm silk scarf, and mono leopard rectangular "big" bandeau style silk scarf.... I have no clue what the cotton one is.... sorry
  3. sorry, i dont have a pix. it is from the season after fall 06. i think that would be spring 07. i saw it at LV store this week in a red and aqua combo and wanted to know if came in other color combinations. it was cotton, not silk and very large. any one know? thanks for your help.:heart:
  4. did you check out the LV site? cuz the only red and blue cotton scarf I can think of at the moment right now is the diamond one (see pic).... or maybe it's the friandole? but the latter is silk...... Oh! maybe you're talking about the cruize! there's a cotton bandana but it's not very big.....

    I was at LV on Friday this week and for a fact Montreal Canada is the first to get all the spring scarves before USA, and I don't recall anything like that..... Is there anyone else who can help us out???? lol
  5. nope, it looks like very popular stephen sprouse cashmere/silk combo form fall 06. can anyone help us??? i went to NM and they are not geting it. i have to go to an LV boutique again... it was very large and cotton....
  6. I have a Stephen Sprouse Red one in silk. I believe its 26 x 26. LMK if I have a picture of it:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. thanks, selena. that is the same sprouse pattern! the one i saw was red and black and then aqua and black in same pattern in a very large cotton scarf, not silk. LV SA said it was from spring 07 and came in another color wave as well.. i was in a rush so the search continues...........:heart:
  9. iv seen a few pics of celebs (olsen twins and kate moss and a few others) wearing one that looked kinda like cotton, but think i read that it was cashmere? it was frayed at the edges, but since the others have been taken off the LV site i just presumed they were from last season. im kicking myself that i didnt get the red one when it was out.
  10. ^^btw the red/aqua one seen on Ashley (i think?) did that only come in 100% cotton and different size than the usual cashmere/silk stephen sprouse LV leopard ones right?