Help with LV Pastilles Key Holder on Eluxury

  1. Eluxury currently has the Multicolore Pastilles Key Holder in stock but I noticed you can choose between Multicolore and Monogram, however, there is no photo of the monogram color. :?: What does the monogram one look like?
  2. Brownish-tannish, similar to Jack & Lucy but less green, with little golden rings around the logos and flowers on the pastilles I think, dang maybe I can get you a pic lol
  3. Hope this helps.
    mc.jpg mc 1.jpg brown.jpg brown 1.jpg
  4. The brown is better!!!!!
  5. I prefer MC
  6. me too
  7. The MC is sooooo pretty & my personal fav. :yes:
  8. Both look sooo cute!
  9. Thanks everyone! I ordered it in Monogram (Brown). :yahoo:
  10. The brown in beautiful. Thanks to all of you who posted pics for me. I ordered the brown just in time!!! I just checked Eluxury and now only the Multicolore is available.