Help with luggage

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  1. Hi all,

    Last month I bought a micro luggage from Miami boutique. I posted here.

    When I got I didn't really inspect the bag thoroughly. This Monday, I took the bag out for the first time, I noticed the bottom has this black line. I tried to get it off, but couldn't. It seem like an oil thing. Anyway I tried to contact the SA that sold me the bag. She never replied me back.

    What should I do? Call the store manager? I know they have 7 days return policy and I'm way passed that.
    Do they just send defected bags for phone order?!?

    Here are some pics. Sorry I'm not good at taking nice pics.

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  2. looks like the resin or whatever they use on the piping has leaked in the drying process of manufacturing. There is a big chance the SA may say it is not significant enough for a replacement or cleaning. I would not worry about it, BUT it is a flaw nonetheless. Contact the manager and explain that your SA has not responded to the issue. Keep us updated!
  3. I can't believe that bag even got past quality control!! Oh my goodness. I would definitely keep on top of the issue, don't let it go! That's unacceptable. I agree with the poster above who mentioned that it looks like the resin or glue they use on the piping. It's completely unacceptable. I think that is definitely significant enough to warrant a replacement bag. Please keep us posted on what happens.
  4. So I called the store, the SA that sold me the bag is off today. One of the SAs said the manager won't be in till next week.
    You guys are right, it does look like glue, I can't get it out. I mean it doesn't really bother much since it's on the bottom so it's less noticeable. However I'm just shocked with the quality control and afraid it's counterfeit. I remember seeing one of the segments on Katie Couric show about counterfeit bags. It says that most designers are really care about the quality control. So I don't know how this bag even passed QC, unless it happened after it got to the store.
  5. Where did you purchase the bag? A Celine boutique would never sell a fake, and neither would a department store like Saks or another place like that.