help with louboutin size

  1. Hi, I am new here and hoping to get some help from all you louboutin experts. I know these questions have been asked before, but I am from australia and trying to work out what size I would be in louboutins.

    Last year when i went to the states i purchased some heels from nine west in a size 9. They are a tiny bit on the tight side, maybe could have gone a 9.5.
    anyone out there who can help me (foxycleopatra, I would love your input as I noticed you mentioned in a thread about nine west sizing before), what size would I be as a general starting point in louboutins, so I can then work out what size I would be in each style?

    Is it enough to measure the inner sole from heel to toe?
    I am interested in purchasing nude patent yoyos, or nude patent very prives.
    My foot is on the narrow side rather than wide.

    Please help....
  2. I am a US size 8.5, and almost all my Louboutins are 39. You should really check out the sizing thread, though, as every style can be different.
  3. I would suggest your US size to 1/2 up (might be long) for the yoyos if you're on the narrow side. As for the Nude patent Very Prive I would go TTS or 1/2 size up also. They do stretch out after a while so you might need some heels grips after a while.
  4. hi, thanks so much for the reply. so what size would my US size be in louboutins?
  5. Well, it sounds like your US size is 9-9.5, and your Louboutin size is probably 39.5 or 40.
  6. Yeah, sounds like you'd be a 39.5-40 (in most CL styles in general, VP, Yoyo 110, etc.). Of course some styles are different (some run extremely small while others run big).
  7. thanks,
    i had a look at your shoes, they are beautiful.
    with your nude clichys, are they tts? or did you go up or down?
  8. thanks foxycleopatra! is the 39.5 the us 9? and would a 40 be the 9.5?
  9. Clichy 100's run smaller than VP/Yoyo 110's for sure; for the larger sizes (such as anything 7.5 and above), need to go up ONE FULL SIZE.
  10. this forum is so helpful!
    now to my next questions.
    the styles I like are the
    yoyo patent 110
    nude patent very prive with either burgundy or blush toe
    and the clichy nude patent 100
    and the 120

    with each of these styles, how much would you go up or down etc...
  11. Well those are all approximates. No one can be so sure down the exact, precise size (unless you've tried on the shoe). Generally when we offer sizing advice it's within a 1/2 size margin.
  12. My Clichys are the 120s, and I went up a whole size, but they're a little too big. Half a size up would be fine. Sizing might be different for the 100.

    Usually, 39 = US size 9, but Louboutins run small.
  13. The Clichy comes in 100 or 120, not 110.
  14. yeah i understand. its just great to hear your advice so I can get an idea of my size range
  15. I go up at least 1/2 a size in most Louboutins and I went up a full size in the clichy 100s