Help with locating some Miu Miu ballet flats!

  1. Hey Girls, So I'm after a particular pair of Miu Miu ballet flats...

    I believe they are called the "patchwork" flats? They are a patent leather and come in a red, pink, burgundy and pink colorway or in a dark brown, light brown, orange and cream colorway! I'm located in Australia so I was hoping to get them from overseas as they will work out cheaper :smile:

    So I just need a little bit of help with locating where they are stocked either in stores or online, however somewhere that will ship to Australia.

    Any help would be verrrryy appreciated!
  2. Hmmm...I know Saks carried them BUT they went on sale a WHILE AGO....Maybe try calling a Saks store to c if they have any in stock..Im sure they ship international but they are techically LAST season so they may be hard to get
  3. Hi.

    Are you after these?


    I don't know your size but try

    Good luck!
  4. PS You need to go to the sale items to find them!

  5. i think net-a-porter still has them...
  6. I have seen many of them on eBay, keep searching there and you might find them in your size for a good price! I got mine from eBay a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Thanks Kelly, but I'm a 37.5 and they just sold out of those :sad:
    There is one pair so far on ebay but they are wayy overpriced as well....thanks girls!
  8. I do hope you can find them, I havent seen them anywhere though - I bought mine back in Sept/Oct. But they are so comfy, you wont regret getting them. Goodluck!
  9. I just spoke to Neiman Marcus and they said they have been shipped off to a warehouse to get sorted out and will be distributed to clearance stores in Fall!

    The problem is they are just SO pricey over here in Australia that I simply can't justify spending that much on flats...

    I have Saks left to call back and then I'm going to try the Miu Miu stores! Fingers Crossed!
  10. So I have called every place I can possibly think of and no one is able to help me :sad: So it looks like I'm not going to be able to get them from anywhere :sad: