Help with locating Christian Louboutin Maudissimos & sizing

  1. Hi, I'm new here. :smile: I had a couple questions about these CLs, this will be my first pair if I get these!

    I'm unsure about sizing - I talked to a few SAs, and they said that the Maudissimos run a little small, but I don't know what I would take in CLs. I've tried CLs on at stores but I've fit in 36's to 37s, so I'm not sure what I would take in the Maudissimos.
    I'm anywhere between a 6 to a 7 (US) but usually a 6.5. Do satin shoes stretch out? With such a low vamp, I have to try to make sure that they fit. I'm thinking that if I find them, I should get both a 36.5 and a 37 and return whichever doesn't fit? Is this the best bet?

    I was also wondering if anyone had seen this particular pair in any stores as of late. I'm on the reserve list for them at Bergdorfs (the SA I spoke to said they are LIKELY to get more but he didn't say for sure, and the SA at the Horatio store said they were sold out and wouldn't be getting another shipment), but if I could find them faster, that would be great. I prefer stores without a physical presence in California, so I can avoid $40 in sales tax. :sad:

    Thanks! :smile:


    from Glamorous-SMG

    Couple closeups from shoebunny: