Help with lj shoptokidoki

  1. Hello I tried twice to join shoptokidoki but I keep got denied. Can someone tell me how to post the secret code... I followed the directions, but obviously I'm doing something wrong... Thank you!
  2. idk cuz i did it wrong too..i just emailed the mod and asked them what i was doing wrong...and they kinda fixed it lolz

    gosh, everyone is having problems joining...they should really clear it up or make it easier for us to understand or something lolz.
  3. When I went to the page, I just typed in the code (I don't think it's "secret" because it's posted out in the open) in a comment and was approved the next day or so.
  4. Yea it's sounds easy when I was reading the rules and what not but then the whole post the comment thing is confusing... but thanks JessakaMitz I'll try emailing them.
  5. i had a hard time trying to post the comment. i was a bit confused on how to post it exactly. but i posted it and the next day they approved me. :O
  6. Did you click on the link on the rules page and then the post a comment link on that page? Yea I call it a secret code b/c a couple other ppl did:smile:..
  7. yep that's what I did and I see my comment on the link you sent me too... hmmm...
  8. Yeah, whenever I go back to that link, my comment is still there too.
  9. Thanks for your help everyone, I will try again tomorrow... if not I will email the mods