Help with leather? togo? clemence? what do I have?

  1. I purchased my black 35 birkin from a respected seller and was told that it was clemence leather. I recently purchased my BB 30 from Hermes and the box says Clemence (and my lovely SA also told me it was clemence). I just put my two bags side by side and notice that the leathers look completely different. I love them both but now I think my black one is togo???
    Leather experts, please help me!:yes:

    leather pix 001_1.jpg leather pix 002_1.jpg
  2. The black looks like togo to me.
  3. Me too, Pepper.

    Having said that, togo can look like clemence and vice versa. Apparently it's all to do with whether the leather comes from a girl (bigger grain) or a boy (compact grain).

    Do they feel as thick as each other? Sometimes clemence is thicker than togo, but since it's a natural product, it's hard to gauge.
  4. Please don't go by the grain size. I just went over this in the store with another TPFer. We saw a batch of leather swatches for clemence and they all looked different. We also saw a Lindy in brighton blue. We all thought it was Swift. The grain was almost non-existent. Turned out to be clemence. But after I left the store I realized "Duh! Swift doesn't come in Brighton Blue yet". Best way to tell the two apart is to feel the leathers in your hand. Clemence will be much more pliable and softer. Togo will be slightly stiffer. Also, another test is to put both bags side to side unstuffed. If the black is togo, it will hold up better than the clemence.
  5. That's what I thought too when I looked at them side by side. The black looks much grainer.
    Does anyone have something in both togo and clemence? if so, could you also post a side by side? thanks!
    HG, oh expert of leather, what do you think?
  6. ^^thanks hg...I was posting the same time as you...I will try the slouch test.
  7. Togo is also a bit lighter than clemence, clemence has a softer hand and is slightly more matte, and togo has more of a "bubbly" sort of look to it. They also smell totally different
  8. Well, my BB bag definitely feels softer than the black one, yet the black is a few years older--I can especially feel the difference in the straps. the blue just flops and the black has more stiffness to it. (Don't go there, my sisters!)
    The black one is quite slouchy overall...
    I don't know if I have a verdict yet!

    Asked DH's opinion and he says the only thing that he is sure of is that I am crazy!!
  9. Rocker...My clemence Evelyne next to my togo Kelly... As HG indicated...clemence does seem to vary quite a bit from bag to bag...I also have the Massai in clemence and it is not as "textured" as the Evelyne...
    Hermes II 087 Medium Web view.jpg
  10. black hermes_1.jpg
  11. ^^^Uh oh! I think we have togo here. Rockerchic, can you put the two bags unstuffed side by side?
  12. Looking at these, my black bag looks more like your evelyne and my blue bag, which I know is clemence trusting what is on the box, looks more like the Kelly. So, ofcourse HG is right that we can't tell by the grain. D@$#, I hate that HG is always right!:p
    Now I am smelling my bags and they smell slightly different to me but the new one is ...well, that might have something to do with it.

    My husband is now having me committed for bag sniffing.
  13. Will do, girl! Thanks for helping me so much! All the sudden it is imperative that I know what leather this bag is!:p
  14. Now here they are side by side and blacky is definitely more slouchy... Please keep in mind that blacky is an older gal and a 35 and bb has actually never been carried except around the house!:push:


    leather pix 003_1.jpg leather pix 004_1.jpg