Help with Large Messenger w/ Flap Vs. Flat Messenger Bag

  1. Okay, I'm obviously a Bbag virgin (please be gentle!)... lol... Anyway, can someone give me some pros and cons of each of these two messenger bags? I just ordered an Aquamarine GH Part Time and I also have a Cafe GH Day on the way as well. I have a friend, who says the two choices I chose are the two that she thinks will work for me.... but I have seen a couple of bags that I like, but don't know if they are going to work for me.

    I'm 5'8" tall and I'm like a size 16ish on a good day. rotflol. Anyway, I've been told that the messenger bags are tad short for tall chicks.... does anyone where them as a shoulder bag? Or is that just dorky? lol. Anyway, thanks in advance for all the advice... I'm finding myself with a new obsession... and its bad. LOL
  2. I wear the flat messenger as a shoulder bag as well as cross-body. I usually put it on the middle setting and it work for me both ways.
  3. Hi Sandy...welcome to the dark side :graucho: ! GREAT choices. I love the PT and aqua is stunning! I love the Day to death, but like the option of carying a bg on my arm or in my hand, so I don't have one yet. I also have a side-boob-squashage issue I'm concerned about with the Day, so will be interested to hear how the bag feels fully loaded and on your shoulder. Regarding Messengers: if you travel at all heavy, as I do, the flat might be a bit awkward. I have the big, fat wallet going and two pr. of glasses, keys, honkin' big tube of sunblock waiting to explode all over everything, make-up etc., not to mention kids' crap that always magically lands in MY bag. HOWEVER, the Besace messenger might be just the thing. Big, wider bottom (I can SO relate) lots of room, and, for my money, more proportionate (I'm 5'8" too). I've seen the flat messangers look GORGEOUS on tall women, but they don't ever seem to have anything it their bag!
    The strap on the Besace is plenty long enough for me to wear cross-body (speaking of boob squashage)...the rub (pun fully intended) is then that I have this huge hulking bag hanging across my body. But with kids in tow, it works well physically, if not asthetically. As far as wearing on one shoulder, I don't necessarily think it would look dorky, but it might feel dorky! (That probably doesn't help too much!!) If you end up going for a courier, just make sure you get it from someplace you can return it just IN CASE you don't fall in love. To me, the couriers are not quite as versatile as your other two great choices...but that's just my opinion. Let us know what you decide...good luck!