help with Kooba python

  1. Hello,

    I just bought a Kooba Jessie in Antique Rose Embossed Python. The leather looks kind of dry. (I guess thats the best way to describe it??) :shrugs:

    Does anyone have a python bag that noticed this? Do you use any kind of leather moisturizer on that or any other Kooba bag?

  2. Can you post pics of the rose embossed python, i am considering purchasing the Paige in the Antique rose embossed python. Is it dark or light rose, it's kinda hard to get a handle on the color. Is is stiff or soft, whatever info you can give me. Thanx
  3. I've always thought these style bags looked dry. Faded and almost dusty looking. Since they are relatively new I would assume it is inherant in the leather. I use Balenciaga Moisturizer but I don't know if it would help or not as it maybe isn't dry at all but just is how the leather is.
  4. A few weeks ago I purchased a black Kooba Mackenzie at Saks. At that time they had a few bags in the python and I did notice that they have a different appearance in the leather. They do not appear as "rich" looking as they look thinner and slightly dry. I didn't inspect them at length as they were not what I was looking for. The Mackenzie was in the pebbled leather and looked to be more "supple". I guess that would be the difference, in my opinion.
  5. It does look dry, but it's still soft to the touch. It's given a super "antiqued" look, I guess is the term I would use. The python in Antique Rose (had the Jessie but returned it, wanting the Mackenzie, but it was sold out :sad: ) is really just gorgeous. It's a unique looking texture.
  6. I am at work right now, but I can try when I get home. funny, I JUST deleted them from my computer last night!

    Its a light-ish rose. Not too pale, not tooo dark and not TOO pink. Its kind of hard to describe, but its really pretty. I have gotten tons of complients on it. I really wanted the Paige, but I came across a really great deal on the Jessie and ended up with that one. I would go for the Paige though.The leather is really beautiful. I don't think the leather is actually dry, i just think its supposed toblook that way... (hopefully anyway!)
  7. I have used Coach Leather Moisturizer and Apple Leather Care on my Koobas. Both do a good job of keeping the leather soft. I'm not familair with the embossed python though...
  8. hi i just received a kooba paige in antique rose python. i was really nervous after reading the comments about 'dryness' and 'dustiness.' i have to say i don't get that impression from the bag i have. it's got a great texture - a slight sheen but NOT shiny at all. the color is really nice - and what i love about it is that it's not to pink at all as madrighal mentioned above. it more just looks like a really unique vintage piece with the tone. it's not as soft as the hayden-harnett's... but it's floppy enough that it's going to create a nice silhouette on your body.

    i LOVE the paige shape... revolveclothing is having a big sale now on the antique rose python which is where i picked this one up.

    i am debating whether to keep it or not b/c a few days ago i came across some hayden-harnett satchels (the Beatrice and the Suki) in a store, and fell in love. my poor Paige was on her way from revolve, and i was already having thoughts about a replacement ;) cheating heart i have ; ) the H-H are much more money though...