HELP with KNOT CLUTCH- Orchird Or Turqouise?

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  1. Help! Which colour should I go for in the Satin Knot Clutch?


    Does anyone have pics of these colours on the satin knot bag?

    pls post thanks:smile:
  2. I would choose the orchid.. the color is just beyond gorgeous.. it looks great

    with everything and so refreshing.. that is my pick
  3. Another vote for Orchid
  4. Thank you kind ladies...the Orchid Knot is being picked up as I am posting this msg..I will be getting it next week though...

    I would love to see the actual pic of this clutch as i have not seen the orchid in satin..

    i have seen the other colours avail, but cant seem to find the orchid knot on the internet...if any of you do have it, please post it here:smile:

    will do a reveal next week:smile:

    thanks again
  5. Congrats! Can't wait for your reveal. From the pics I've seen here Orchid is simply TDF!
  6. Orchid or Anemone?
  7. congrats on the orchid! yeah!!!
  8. congrats!!!
  9. orchid!! modelling pics when the beauty arrives?
  10. sure will!:smile: i will be getting the orchid next week just in time for Valentines:smile:
  11. I saw the orchid knot in store today. Very nice shade.
  12. Thank you so much JESHIKA...I LOVE it..

    i am still receiving mine on Friday....

    Its a beautiful elegant pink..was worried it would be too much, but definately a rich colour..
  13. Congrats.. Orchid is stunning
  14. i saw it again today... and it is so gorgeous! i'm sure you will :love: it!!!!! to help you with your wait, here is the lovely screenshot that TDL posted. :P