Help with Kim Kardashians Jeans

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  1. For some reason, I absoulutely adore this outfit...
    I want the bag, the jeans and the tank...
    I know where to get the bag and I sure can find a tank... but someobe please help wit the jeans.... I dont have anymore black jeans in my closet- looking for a nice new pair... here are the pics

    k & chanel???



  2. I would guess and say BONGO since she is their model/spokesperson. Again, just a guess ...
  3. I dont think they are bongos.
  4. Wow, she looks so much more beautiful with more natural makeup. Sorry though, can't help with the jeans.
  5. Here is a somewhat better pic of the jeans - the rivets have nothing written on them so it's really hard to tell the brand.

  6. who's the bag by MJ?
  7. The bag is Chanel.
  8. when i look at those pants i just think they need to be taken up ... sorry, i know thats not the answer to your question but everytime i see this piccy i think that!

    She does look amazing without the pancake make up!

    She has fake boobs, right?
  9. Are the jeans Gucci? The only reason I say that, I saw a dress by Gucci, in a magazine, that was black and had that same type of yellow contrasting. I really don't know if that's much help.
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Love that purse!
  12. I own a similar pair of jeans by Superfine that look just like hers!
  13. I dunno...although I love the jeans, they don't look quite right on her!
  14. it looks like the zipper is undone...weird jeans, imho.
  15. I think the jeans are J Brand Lovestory.