Help with key fob

  1. I've tried searching the forum and couldn't come up with anything, tried googling and also got on eLuxury on the live chat and was talking to a rep who said she would help me but apparently she couldn't figure it other because I oh so conveniently was "disconnected" :shrugs: I cannot figure out for the life of me how to attach my keys to the speedy 30 like it is in the picture on the eLuxury site:

    This is my first LV so yes I am a newbie that could use some help with it if anyone can tell me step by step how to do it or picture by picture would be nice.

    It's probably something so easy and I will feel like an idiot when I figure it out but right now I'm pulling my hair out!! :hysteric:
  2. Take the thinner end of the clochette and put it through the hardware on the handle (whichever one you want it to hang from). Then open that slit at the thinner end and pull the wider end (the part with the keys in it) through that slit until it doesn't slide up anymore.
    It seems delicate but just do it gently and it'll work. Hope that helps!
  3. Don't feel took me awhile to figure it out!