Help with Kelly Pouchette Q's

  1. Hi. I'm new to this. I am typically a Chanel girl. I recently saw a picture of a Kelly Pouchette and fell in love. Can someone tell me how much this bag retails for and what the availability is like? I know the exotics are more expensive and I'm not interested in those. I love the black with silver hardware or even a bold color like pink or orange. Thanks for any help!
  2. I went through that thread and it didn't help much. I don't need specific answers. I was just curious about a price range for the non-exotics. I've seen pictures of a smooth leather black (box) KP that I love. I've also seen pictures of an orange ostrich and was wondering if there is an orange no-exotic available?
  3. Yes, orange non-exotic is available. Right now I have been seeing them mostly in Swift and I am pretty sure there is one at the NYC Wall Street store right now with Palladium hardware. I think the price is somewhere around $3000-$3200 (plus tax of course).
    It's a very cute little bag, but in my opinion it's not a great everday size unless you don't carry much on a regular basis.

    edited to add that Box is probably on the higher end of that price range. The last exotic one I saw was about $8000 I believe, and that was croc. That's about what a Birkin costs, just to give you an idea of the relative costs of stuff.
  4. Perfect reply. Thank you. That was very helpful!!!
  5. Non-exotic Black with Palladium is what you are looking for?

    You can find these in the following leathers:-

    1) evergrain
    2) evercalf
    3) swift
    4) box calf (not available. SOs only)
    5) suede

    Orange .... I think only in Swift.

    I got one for exactly USD3,595 from Neiman Marcus. This is an evercalf one. Mine's harvanne.