Help with Kathy Van Zeeland

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I'm new to this forum and so happy to have found it! Please share some of your pearls of wisdom with me.

    I've recently started to like the kvz bags and noticed that they are not often on sale at the department stores (now I know to check tj max & marshalls).

    I was happy to get the opportunity to buy kvz wholesale. However, once I thought of selling them on eBay, I came across some stumbling blocks. Please help:

    1. The distributor doesnt have all the lines. What are the most popular collections / styles & colors?

    2. eBay & paypal nickles and dimes you to death with fees and etc. How do you make money while still offering a good deal. Once I receive the bag and pay for shipping to me, I'll have about a 40.00 profit margin to work with (based on msrt). Thats before eBay and paypal fees etc. Any tips?

    3. Have any of you invested in KVZ inventory to resell? Particularly on line or on ebay?

    I know that many of you are successful ebayers and I'm looking forward to your feedback.

    Many thanks!
  2. I honestly haven't heard of many sellers investing in that particular line of bags because they are pretty common at the discount outlets and are pretty inexpensive compared to other brands. I suppose if you figure out a good price point - where you can still make a profit - then definitely do it :smile: HTH!
  3. Hi devinesgirl2004,

    Thanks for the response. Any tips on where to start investing for resale? Any wholesalers?

    Thanks again,
  4. P
    I've noticed a ton of them at TJMaxx and Marshalls lately, and the bags are current styles, not from previous seasons. So you might want to take that into consideration. TJX companies pay the distributor usually about 10-20 cents on the dollar when they purchase goods from the wholesellers/distrubutors.
    That being said, I'm not sure about re-selling them. It would be a pretty tough deal I would think considering the fees on ebay and paypal. Typically, the mark-up from the distributor to retailer is keystone (100% + cts).
    For a wholeseller, you'd have to get a tax id in your area and send proof to the wholeseller. Plus there are minimums etc. Also, many wholesellers will not sell to home based businesses either. You have to show proof you have a brick/mortar store.
    Best bet is to call the Javitz Apparel Mart in New York and find out who is the rep for KV bags and give them a call and go from there....
    Good luck!
  5. Hi Citcat,

    Thanks! The scenario I posted is based on speaking to the distributor. There is a minimum of 48 bags but can be broken down into 3 shipments. Fortunately, I do have tax id and the distributor had no questions really and no wholesale - retail agreement...

    I'm also trying to figure out these collections - not much info on line. Collections I'm beingoffered:

    Easy Access
    crown princess
    glove story
    skin deep
    patent lites
    glove lites
    rock & roll
    meshing around
    urban legend
    urban safari
    pillow talk
    spring break
  6. I really do not think there would be much a a profit on the KVZ bags. I think most sellers profit from higher end bags they buy from sales , outlets and preowned bags as most higher end brands do not wholesale .
  8. I don't mean any offense but I couldn't think of a worse brand to invest in. Just my opinion. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
  9. Do you have the number to this Distributor in NY? I have a tax number, and I love kvz purses, and have others that are interested in me selling them. Do you sell on ebay?
  10. I love kvz purses and I have a tax number. What is the number to the NY Distributor I know of people interested in me selling her bags. Thanks for your help.
  11. I sell NWT Fossil / Nine W / SAK / KVZ but mostly off line, every once in a while you can come across a KVZ that is in high demand to list. (still not much profit) I buy them between $9 and $40 and still only make abt $15 to $35 profit off line... (this is the best way I have found to sell them) You can also do the Handbag party (with legit bags) Women love a good deal! (Be sure to tell your customers of a Handbag party the styles you will offer, at my first HB Party they thought I'd have replicas, they were disappointed at first but by the end they were just as happy to buy the real bags at a better price then what's offered in the Dept. Store. If you want to stay online the best thing is to research the item on the bay to see what price they are selling for this way you know your "Potential" Profit Range.