Help with Kate Spade Vinyl Wallet Trim

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  1. Hi all,

    I recently purchased a used Kate Spade wallet (as seen here:

    0429011748.jpg 0429011832.jpg

    It's made with vinyl on the outside (and leather inside) and unfortunately, the pink vinyl trimming/leather-type edging seal is coming apart on both sides of the folds (I don't think the picture is clear lol). Is there anyway I can repair those edges? I read somewhere about leather edging kits, but do I have any luck with keeping it pink? If not, would it really hurt the wallet if I let the entire edging come off? Any suggestions are encouraged cause I really have no idea :smile:

    Thanks in advance!​
  2. I have no idea but does it have sharp edges? I'd be afraid I'd ruin the contents and maybe the lining of my bag if that wallet was in it.
  3. Nope, it doesn't have sharp edges. The trimming coming off in the second picture feels like a rubber band. I'm just afraid the material of the wallet will tatter or something when the edging comes off. :wondering

    Thanks for that concern though! :smile: