Help with Jumbo....please

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  1. Hello,
    I am looking to purchase a Jumbo CF. I have a few dilemmas and was hoping to have people chime in to their experiences. Unfortunately, I am not anywhere near a Chanel boutique; otherwise, I would happily go and try for myself. I have to order and want to be certain of my decision. I had a black medium/large with silver hardware approx. 20 years ago and sold it probably 8-10 years ago. I just never used it and it never seemed to "WOW" me. It was small for my liking and I think I wasn't impressed with black caviar and the silver. Anyway, I have been thinking about adding a jumbo to my collection now for several years and since I am turning 50 on Christmas, I thought it was a great time to treat myself:smile: I wear mostly casual, such as jeans, t, blazer and heels or booties. My style mostly consists of white, beige, navy, black & grays. I keep going back to the beige caviar with champagne gold hardware (this always catches my attention when I see others with it). I would mostly use it daily and switch off and on with my many other bags, but this is why I do not want lambskin (even though I think lamb is BEAUTIFUL). My other obsession is the new red coming out for Act II. WOW is this a gorgeous red. I LOVE red accessories. I just purchased a red mini Reissue last month that just was released and am in love with the color. My only hesitation is, do you think having a red jumbo is just TOO much red? I think it would go with most of my wardrobe pretty well, but then again I think the beige would to. Help me decide? TIA
  2. I prefer red, beige is more difficult to take care of. I love my Jumbo favorite bag ever!!!
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  3. I have a red Jumbo and love it!
  4. Ok, so I pulled the trigger today and bought the burgundy medium with champagne gold hardware. I haven't seen it yet. I really hope I made the right decision on size. The color is GORGEOUS from what I can tell, it's more of the size I am afraid of. My thought is, the jumbo is extremely heavy, I am very petite and I have a bad back. I LOVE big bags, but am afraid the jumbo would look ridiculous on me. My SA shipped it overnight and should arrive tomorrow.
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  5. Burgundy sounds beautiful! Take a picture of the bag and post please!
  6. Burgundy sounds amazing, too! it matches a lot of colors without being overly a neutral color.
  7. Thank you! Can't wait to see it. I keep going back and forth about size, medium or Jumbo....oh the decisions.
  8. Will do...Thank you! ☺️
  9. Agree - I’m really into colorful neutrals like olive, navy, and burgundy lately. Can’t wait to see this!
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