Help with Jeans!!

  1. So I work at Marshells. And right now were getting in Seven And True Religion Jeans. their 30 dollars each right now and ive snagged a few pairs. And theres also this other brand ive never heard of which are AMAZING!!! Their called Marithe Francois Girbaud. And retail price is something around 50 plus. Their selling for 17 dollars and Ive bought every pair in my size. Ive never heard of them so I was wondering if anyone on here has.
  2. I wore Girbaud jeans like CRAZY in the early 90's...Im sure they have changed since then!! I paid more like $120 per pair!! Nice find!
  3. woah, i thought TR and SFAM sells at Marshalls for at least $79.99!

    I have a cute little silk set from MFG that I bought from macy*s. They still sell them at macys too so if you wanted to check out more styles, head there