Help with jeans

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  1. Can someone tell me what brand of jeans I should look for that are not low rise, more of a below the waist(I'm over 50!!!!)but still young looking and in style.(the jeans I mean) I would like them in a real dark blue wash,staight leg, not real skinny! I wear a size 29 or 8. I tried so many styles today in Nordstrom Rack, but most were too low, the zipper was tiny LOL. Thanks
  2. J Brand has mid rise and high rise styles.
  3. I am also over 50 and I wear Lucky(you'll probably do best there and if you go to the Lucky store they are very helpfull, well everyone I've been in), Citizens(Ava and others), Sevens(name?), AG's(lots of styles), J Crew, Diesel(Louvely) and Banana Republic. They all make at least one style that will fit. What you really need is a knowledgable(and nice) SP to help you. When I am rushed and need a pair quick I always go to Lucky(but I have to say I've had alot of luck at J Crew lately)cuz I know they'll have something and they have great 50% off sales a couple times a year, I think you just missed the Christmas one. Good luck, they're out there.
  4. PS when I see a tiny zipper I don't even try them on. Who needs the frustration??????
  5. Try Banana Republic. I am over 50 and understand your frustration, plus I didn't want 'mom' jeans. BR came to the rescue, with great sales staff. Their urban boot cut and skinny jeans are my new favs.
  6. Try the Joe's jeans in the muse cut. They are a lot higher rise but hit right about the belly button. These are my faves as I am 49 and just wont do the low rise.You can find these at Nordies.
  7. I go to Gap for straight jeans which are not obscenely low. It's the only brand making jeans that suit my body type consistently.