Help with Jeans Sizing!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am considering purchasing jeans either Paper Denim & Cloth, Citizens of Humanity, or Seven for all Mankind. So many sites don't give a good size chart! Now, I've never bought "designer" jeans before, so I need a little help! It's confusing because sometimes I wear a 25, sometimes I need at 27-28!

    I wear a size 2 (Gap size... haha, that seems to be the only consistent size I wear)

    What size would be good in those brands?
    Oh, and which brand is the most durable and is best in quality?

  2. I'm a size 4 in Gap jeans, and wear 27/28 in all my SFAM and COHs. Size 28s will typically measure 15" across the back waistband of the jeans. If you're a size 2 in Gap, I'll guess you're closer to a 25/26. Can you try some out at a Nordstroms? Even within the brand, jeans can be totally different sizes depending on wash and style and cut. Like a size 28 COH Naomi in Light Cordoba was swimming on me, while a size 28 COH Naomi in Dark Cordoba was suffocating me.

    I personally think COH is the best brand of the three you mentioned. SFAM has cute pockets and styles, but COHs just make my body look great! I have roughly six different pairs in my collection and love every one of them!
  3. I'm a size 2 in GAP too and I usually take a 26 in SFAM & COH (25 for some of the newer SFAM that runs HUGE).

    You should also look into Paige Premium Denim... I love them the best out of all the jeans I own!
  4. That's a tough one because each brand is different. I just sold some jeans on eBay and they varied from size 25 (Blue Cult) to 26 (True Religion) in Seven for all Mankind I wear a 27 and in Antik Denim I wear a 26. Some jeans I wear 0 and some 3 I can usually tell by looking at them if they'll fit and I have to wear stretch jeans or they're not comfortable.
  5. I wanted to get them online since some of them are on sale right now! But I guess it's safest to try on a pair at a store, then buy them online.

    Thanks for all your help ladies! :yes:
  6. sparkles which size do you wear for Paige Premium Denim??