help with J12 watch

  1. All,

    I'm ordering a J12 over the phone from Saks since our Saks doesn't carry one. I have an average size wrist about 7inches, how many links should I get taken out to have just the right fit (not too snug, not too loose)
  2. I had two links taken out of my j12 it is the 33m and i have an average wrist
  3. oh and I forgot to mention that it's a 38mm, don't know if it makes much difference with the 33mm.
  4. i think it may because i tried one on it seemed like i needed more than two links taken off
  5. can anybody let me know about how many links to be taken out on a 38mm?
  6. i can tell u after thursday when i get mine!

    when i tried one on it seemed like i am going to have to remove several links though... cant u take it to a watch store to get it done though?
  7. I'm getting mine on thursday too so I need to know so I can let my SA know how many links to take off before she sends it.

  8. I have 2 33s, one in white with diamond bezela and black with diamond markers. I would ask your SA to measure both watches (33 AND 38)against each other and see if one is bigger then the other. I have an average wrist as well and had 2 links taken out (2 singles, one from each side where the watch clasp is). she should know what I am talking about when u tell her. I had 3 taken out originally, but it was snug. I like it a tiny bit loose. It should NOT turn all the way around on your wrist, like a bracelet. Good luck.

  9. What time are you getting yours? I'm getting mine at 11am EST. Maybe I can text you how many if you are getting yours later?

    My wrist is about 5.5 inches... and i think they need to remove 3 or 4... more like 4.
  10. Thanks, Ladies. I've read all J12 threads, I really have to see it in IRL, i really can't decide. So, I have to wait till December when I go to HK for my vacation..thanks again
  11. I will be getting mine at 9am pacific time but of course I wouldnt receive it till the next day, since I'm having mine shipped. Please do let me know once you receive it.

  12. I definitely will! do you want me to PM you, email or send you a text message? PM me your info and let me know! :p
  13. I have small wrist, and for my 38mm, they removed two (one big and one small) links.