help with J brand sizing

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  1. Can anyone tell me how J Brand jeans sizing compare to Paige Premium Denim? I'm a size 24 in Paige and they don't stretch out too much. Does J brand stretch out more? Thanks!! :p
  2. I've never tried on J Brand before.. but from what I heard is that you are recommend to get one size smaller.. cuz J Brand tend to stretch and become loose once they've worn for a while
  3. J Brand runs big. I wear 26 in Paige and even 25 in J Brand is still a bit loose on me.
  4. if your in between sizes, go with the lower
  5. I have 3 pairs of J Brand, and they are all quite stretchy...They run true to size or a tiny bit bigger.
  6. I would go one size down. They don't stretch out too much that way.
  7. for most of their stuff, i say go down a size...but an sa at Barneys told me that they are changig things and later down the road everything will be true to size supposedly...the lovestory is currently true to size, but other jeans by jbrand are not.
  8. I take 25 in Paige and 24 in J Brand is tight on me so I usually buy 25..
    Hope this helps :heart:
  9. after having bought 3 pairs, one in 30 (then i lost weight) then in 28 ( ididn't lose weight but it got to loose) i'm down to 27

    i had a paige laurel canyon b4 that i find quite true to size. definitely size down in jbrand they might feel tight intially but they will stretch.
  10. I find they fit normal at first, but then stretch out a lot. I have a lot of J Brands (size 24) and at first they fit quite tight, but then after I wore them once or twice they were too loose. So I now buy size 23 and just wear them around at first at home so they can stretch out a bit.
  11. yes, i agree--definitely go with a 23 (if you're a 24 normally in paige) and you don't mind the initial'll love them, I'm completely addicted and have 5!
  12. Wow I absolutely love these jeans. But usually i wear a size 29 in most. But the 29 were a little to tight, so I reordered the 30, I was a little disappointed, but I'm not going to let a number get me down. They are still going to look really good.

    I am so happy a friend of mine recommended this brand. I'm 47 so I don't like to wear the low rise. I got the model 818 ink color and it is a mid-rise, perfect. i can't wait to wear them. There definately dressy enough for night wear with a great top and heals. Also, when I reordered the right size was running a 25% discount off, plus no tax, no shipping, and the first pair I have to return there will be no charge for shipping them back. What a great company.
  13. Thanks to everyone for helping! I ended up buying the size 24. They fit well at the moment, hopefully they will remain that way!

    Compared to Paige jeans, J brand jeans are really stretchy and I'm suprised how much more comfortable they are around the upper thigh area. With Paiges, I'm fine when standing up and sitting for short periods, but I find if I wear them to dinner, the waist area doesn't give as much and they are can become uncomfortable around the waist. Will test J brand during dinner tonight. Love the fit and comfort!!!! :p