Help with international shipping please

  1. I purchased a beautiful black 05 city that is being shipped from Germany (I live in NYC). I've never dealt with international shipping before so I'm really confused. She said it costs $42 to ship. I've heard I will have to pay customs duties on this bag. Is this true, and how much will it be? Also, if I have to pay duty will I have to pick it up at the post office? I think I need to insure the bag, so I have to list it's value, right?

    I'm so confused....please help. :confused1:
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  3. goldilocks, I have not had to pay customs when I have received a bag from abroad (Australia, Japan, etc.) and I live in California. I expect the same to be for you.

    However, customs fees are a significant issue for people abroad who receive bags. The customs fees can be significant. I think your shipper assumes you have the same experience as her/him since he/she would likely have to pay customs on this bag.

    $42 for international shipping is quite reasonable. I just received a bag from Australia and shipping came to about $55 US. When I have shipped abroad, I typically expect to pay in minimum of $35 to ship.

    In terms of insurance and listed value--it's a trade-off. You can not pay insurance and get a low listed value, but in the unlikely event it's lost, you're out the money. I have had those abroad specifically request a low stated value so they don't get clobbered with customs fee and I always advise them then that I am not insuring and they then carry the risk. The same applies to you.

    I would definitely have it insured. The seller should add that to the shipping cost. I'm not familiar with paying for insurance stateside on an incoming package.

    Since it is international, expect that the post office will not leave the package on your porch. They'll leave the little brown card saying you have a package to be picked up.

    I hope this helps.
  4. Thank you grietje!!
  5. Insurance is the seller's responsibility. They can ak you to pay for it but you don't have to.

    I've never had to pay customs charges yet, but if you do, it will be collected at your door by your carrier or at the PO if you have to pick up b/c you were not home when they attempted delivery.

    How are you paying?
  6. Customs is a hit and miss thing. I've been nailed over 400.00 Canadian$ for customs on a LV Salsa declared at 350.00 US$. Then I have purchased 2000.00 LV Cherry Blossoms and no customs. It all depends on your luck.
  7. Thank you LT bag lady and fantastic_3. :flowers:

    I paid with Paypal. I'm too spooked by other tPFers horror stories to use any other method of payment.

    I live in a doorman building in NYC, so if I have to pay duty they'll prob make me go to the PO. The seller is going to insure it, and she's marking it as a gift, and she said she would put in a personal card to make it seem more like a gift. She's been sooooooo nice!!