Help with initials

  1. Hi Ladies..and Gents,
    I volunteer for a national charity resale shop and we get oodles of purses donated to us. For example: the other day I had purses with the following initials. T; AD; MM; FJ;

    Can anyone tell me what makes these are?

    Also..if you have any other brands which just show their initials rather than their brand name... I'd love to know them as well.

  2. Bumping this thread :smile:

    Good luck with selling those bags, jenni.
  3. Thanks for the bump. No problem selling the bags. The bags look good and the price is right. I've started a data base, but I keep finding new bags to add to it.
  4. Interesting, good luck.
  5. "MM" is Morris Moskowitz, at least on my vintage bags . . . .
  6. Thanks Sherri.
    The 2 M's have a fancy font.
    Do you know if Morris Moskowitz is an American designer?
    Now that I have a name, I'll do some more research on the label.
  7. Found Morris Moskowitz in NY on W32nd St from the 50's to 1982...along with Robert Bestien.
    Thanks again,